Queen Of Sheba Mountain, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia

Oral tradition in this area of Saudi Arabia (near Khamis Mushayt) report that the Queen of Sheba (now named Yemen) traveled past here 3000+ years ago on her way to visit King Solomon from the Old Testament. The local Arabs claimed Solomon sent word to her to delay her visit as he was not ready to see her. The Queen is said to have stopped here for two years and waited until Salomon called for her. Two years does not mean what it means in western culture, maybe 5 years or 3 years? All of this is oral tribal history without calendars and watches. Oral communication in Arabia has been very reliable and proven accurate on more that one occasion.

There are artifacts of some type of settlement still present at the base of the ‘hill’ and something on the top, an altar for worshiping? In any case the site is guarded by the antiquities police so no one can look around.

There is much discussion as to whether the “Queen of Sheba” was from Ethiopia or South Yemen – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_Sheba

The location of the mountain or hill pictured above is located in the Asir Province of Saudi Arabia about 10 kilometers East of Khamis Mushayt. This area is accessible from Yemen by using the very old road/path South of Najran, Saudi Arabia which carried commerce (incense, figs, gatt-a chewable narcotic, etc.),  in ancient times between Arabia and Yemen. It is conceivable that the Queen could have come from Ethiopia and crossed the Red Sea into Yemen traveling North into Arabia and after the delay on to Jerusalem.


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