Arab Woman and Veils in Saudi Arabia

Veils sometimes worn by Saudi  women when in public. These pictures are from selected sites on the Internet and represent different geographical sections of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Woman Veil 38 - Internet


Saudi Woman Veil 20 - Internet


Veil Negev Ber Sheva - Internet


Veil Girl Najran - Internet

Bedouin woman from Najran (Saudi Arabia) photo by Mauger Thierry


Veil Girl Najran 2 - Internet

Hobab Bedouin woman from Bilad Qahtan (Saudi Arabia) photo by Mauger Thierry


Veil Dahm Yam al Murrah - Internet

Dahm Bedouin woman from Rub al-Khali (between Yemen and Saudi Arabia) photo by Mauger Thierry


Arab Man and Wife Tent Najran Saudi Arabia-Interrnet

Hobab Bedouin couple from Bilad Qahtan (Saudi Arabia) photo by Mauger Thierry

From book “Femmes d’ Arabia” by Mauger Thierry

It should be noted that western women who marry a Saudi man when living in Saudi Arabia will be expected to wear one of these veils (for elegance) or typically a black cover of her face when in public. Veils and other black garment are not usually worn in the home around family, brothers, fathers and sons. But when non family men are present in the home the black garments are typically required with the head covered by at least some type of scarf.


~ by notsohairyjerry on January 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Arab Woman and Veils in Saudi Arabia”

  1. Hi Mr. Jerry ….. iwould like to thank you on behave of all Saudis about carring in some of our traditions, whichs by they way very much .. i hope you can visit this beautiful country.
    ** pictures are so old and its for other countriess’ women…..

    • Thanks for viewing my picture blog. The pictures were taken in 1976 except for the pictures of the wemon with viels. I have no idea when they were taken. I would very much like to visit again and continue the photography. Most people in the world will never visit Saudi. There are so many unique areas and customs of the SA that ought to be shared with the world.

  2. Pictures 4 to 7 are from me (Thierry Mauger). I will publish in few days a new book about bedouin women of Saudi Arabia (“Femmes d’Arabie”). The pictures 2 and 3 are not from Saudi Arabia (Negev desert).

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