Saudi Arabian Celebation Dinner or as Westerners tranlate a ‘Goat Grab’

Saudia Arabia feast of roast lamb, rice, raisins, seeds, etc.

Goat Grab Party Wemon and Children Saudi Arabia

Lamb or goat, rice, banana, raisens, tobulie (chopped tomatoe, cucumber onion and spices), dates, oranges, arabic bread (flat bread), and seeds.

This meal is eaten with your fingers by scooping up the rice in a ball and pulling the hot meat off of the carcus. If you are a guest of an important person there will be a guard/servant nearby with a very sharp 12″ dagger to slice off the best parts of the lamb or goat for the guest. Guests, men and sons eat first followed by the help or women and daughters. If there are non family members present the women and girls will likely have there own tray of meat and rice in a secluded room by themselves as was the case in the above photo. Supprisingly I was allowed into the room by the hsband to take the photo.

Saudi Arabia Arab Men at Dinner Goat Grab

Goat Grab Najran Saudi Arabia 1978

Goat Grab 2 Najran Saudi Arabia 1978

Washing Hands Following Dinner-Goat Grab 1978

Following one of these dinners guests and first round of diners will be offered hand washing along with scented ointment to refresh the hands.


~ by notsohairyjerry on January 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Saudi Arabian Celebation Dinner or as Westerners tranlate a ‘Goat Grab’”

  1. […] are some awesome pictures from a Saudi Arabian feast: Goat Grab (HatTip to ’TagSurfer’ from wordpress for aggregating cool shit for me, […]

    • The food may not look too appetizing to us but it was really tasty! It did take some getting used to using your hands and fingures to scoop up hot rice and meat. Better yet try eating fried eggs sunny side up or yogurt with your fingers. The secret is to use the Arabic flat bread to dip and scoop this kind of food.

    • Greetings Jerry,

      I stopped on your page while searching for pictures for Asir region. I found them wonderful and documentary type.

      I’d like to thank you for sharing these treasures with us and I am quite sure that you have enjoyed your time over there.
      I hope that we have the chance to see the reminder pictures as I am sure you still have loads of them.

      • Mohammad I do have a few photos that have not been published on the Word Press site. There are a lot of individuals in the photos both Arabic and Western which would not be of interest to the world community. I will review those photos to see which ones might be acceptable to publish.


  2. It is a previledge to live in Saudi Arabia, and experience the hospitality extended. This is not the country you want to come to to loose weight. The food is simply top class, and so varied. Yes, attending a meal like depicted in the pictures is experience!
    And usually every bit of food is eaten.
    My favourite foods in Saudi are: Saudi, Lebanese, Iranian, Turkish, and Indian/Pakistan. It is a priveledge to “live, work and play” (Mantra of which Company ???? (-: ) with so many nationalities.

  3. […] wikipedia article, and another link […]

    • Noah
      I suppose white wine but not where you are. There are local sources as you should be well aware but not advisable. The photos of the goat grab were shot in 1976 in Nazran south east of Khamis Mushayt during a visit with the regional prince (name escapes me). He was the Uncle of then Saudi King Fahad, who visited him in our Khamis military hospital a few months later. You should learn some Arabic while you are there. I was forced to learn Arabic when I was there as I did not have a translator around most of the time back in 1976.


  4. […] off of street vendors in Saudi Arabia.. Yummy! Maybe you are thinking of a "Goat Grab"? Saudi Arabian Celebation Dinner or as Westerners tranlate a ‘Goat Grab’ Not So Hairy Jer… … good stuff too! Reply With Quote   + Reply to […]

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