In 1957 I met an army photographer who had been stationed in post war Germany. He had taken fantastic black and white photos of the mayhem and destruction across Germany. Building after building blasted apart with building fragments scattered everywhere. Seeing his work I became interested in photography and started shooting and developing black and white photos until sometime in the late 60s when I began shooting color.

Living in the Middle East in the mid 70s I took many photos of the country and people where I lived while my ‘day’ job was running a hospital. I have continued to travel and shoot photos where ever I go. Some of the countries where I have photo collections include, Portugal, France, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Kenya, Greece, England, and Saudi Arabia. Future photo opportunities may include Turkey, Mongolia, Spain, Morocco, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia, and a return to Portugal.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Love the picture of Monkey Mountain. My dad was a hospital administrator in the early 80s and we lived on the Saudi Airbase.

  2. Try India too. India is a photographer’s dream! 8)

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